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We are a group of friends from a distant land where pagers were cool and mixed tapes were fire.


In the summer of 2013, we were hanging out, having a few beers with our seafood. Unfortunately, the quality was lacking, the beers were warm, and our eyes aren't what they're used to so we couldn't see the scores. 

Someone jokingly said, we should open one ourselves! We'll have good food, ice cold beers and TVs big enough for us to enjoy the game. We had these drunken talks before, creating visions of what it could be but we never tried.

We all grew up in Lincoln Heights and didn't have much but we scraped together what we had and opened our first store in West Covina in early 2014. We worked tirelessly, constantly making mistakes but we kept on learning and improving.


In June 2019, we received a small business of the year award from the State of California!

Today, we are bringing new energies and flavors to the Keys!

We hope to not disappoint and add something special to this AMAZING city!!!

Hope to see you soon!

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